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Regn.No. KERBIL/2012/45073 
dated 5-9-2012 with RNI 


CBc03(og aro(3c0G)O(3 
Government of Kerala 

(Sci9>03 (/)(n )00 


(3¥^(JUlca>3(Dlca>(a3(3a)1 (.rU(TOl(3JUS)fyS2(313>JCmC3> 


cuoej^o 3 

Vol. Ill 





2014 CfflCSi) 13 

13th May 2014 

1189 ClBSo 30 

30th Medam 1189 

1936 SlSIOJOaaSlJa 23 

23rd Vaisakha 1936 

(D 011(3 




Private Advertisements and Miscellaneous 



Willingdon Island Cochin-682 009 


No. DC/Licensing of Jetties/2013. 11th March 2014. 

The following regulations made by the Board of 
Trustees of Cochin Port in exercise of the powers 
conferred by sub section n (n) of section 123 of the 
Major Port Trust Act, 1963 (No. 38 of 1963) are hereby 
published for the information of the public, the same 
having been published by the Board for two weeks 
successively in the official Gazette and approved by the 
Central Government as required by section 124 thereof. 
Further to amend the Cochin Port Trust (Licensing of 
Jetties, Slipway and Boat pen) Regulations, 1968 

1. Short title, application and commencement: 

(i) These regulations may be called the Cochin Port 
Trust (Licensing of Jetties, Piers and Slipways) 

Amendment Regulations 2013. 

(ii) They shall apply to all jetties Piers and 
slipways situated within the Port limits notified 
vide Notification No. GS.R.376 (E) dtd. 21-6-2006 
and as amended. 

(iii) They shall be deemed to have come into force 
with effect from the date of publication in the 
official Gazette. 

2. License and Inspection fees : 

The fees for the issue of licenses and inspection 
shall be: 

(1) For those owners of valloms/boats who want 
to use their waterfront for tying up their own 
valloms/boats and the jetties owned by of 
Government Organizations like State Water 
Transport Department (SWTD), Kerala Shipping 
Inland Navigation Corporation Ltd. (KSINC), 
Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), Integrated 
Fisheries Project (IFP), Matsyafed, Central 



[Part III 

Institute of Eisheries (Technology) Nautical and 
Engineering Trading (CIENET), and Corporation 
of Kochi. 

(i) Jetties and Piers—' 1,297 per jetty per 

(ii) Inspection fees—' 546 each jetty per annum 

(iii) Additional fees for late payment of license 
fee— ' 20 for jetty/pier per month. 

Note: — (i) The above rates are exclusive of service tax 
and applicable at the prevailing rate. 

(ii) Eor new concrete/temporary jetties lease rent 
may be collected taking into account in the 
bed of back waters in addition to licence 

(iii) The jetties owned by the Irrigation 
Department, Govt, of Kerala is exempted from 
payment of licence and inspection fee. 

(iv) The jetties owned by Mulavukad Panchayath, 
Ernakulam is exempted from payment of 
licence and inspection fee. 

(2) Eor others who rent out their existing waterfront 
jetties for tying up valloms and boats belonging 
to other owners. 

Jetties/Piers/Slipways—' 1,00,000 lakh per jetty/ 
slipway per annum. 

(3) Eor others other than mentioned in (1) & (2) 

(i) Existing Concrete Jetties 
and Slipways of Ship 
repairing facilities 

(ii) New Concrete Jetties 

(iii) New Concrete jetties and 
slipways of Ship repairing 

' 1,00,000 per 
unit per annum 



(iv) Existing jetties of Hotels, : do. 

Apartment and Housing 

(v) New jetties of Hotels, : do. 

Apartments and Housing 

Note :— (i) The rates for (2) & (3) above are inclusive of 
inspection fees. 

(ii) The above rates are exclusive of service tax 
and applicable at the prevailing rate. 

(iii) Annual escalation @ 5% on existing rate will 
be applicable. 

(iv) Eor new concrete/temporary jetties lease rent 
may be collected taking into account in the 
bed of back waters in addition to licence 


Definition of ‘Vallom ’:—Vallom is the small boat made up 
of wood/ERP without mechanised engine and 
is operated by hand Oar. 

3. Payment of fees and application for licence : 

The licence fee shall be payable in advance to the 
Einancial Adviser & Chief Accounts Officer, Cochin Port 
Trust and the receipt for the same shall be produced to 
the Deputy Conservator, Cochin Port Trust along with the 
application for the licence, stating therein: 

(a) Stating the vallom/boat’s owner’s name and 

(b) Situation, Survey No. and other description etc. 

(c) Any other relevant information. 

4. Period of Construction of Jetties/Piers: 

The construction of jetty/pier shall be completed 
within six months from the date of issue of licence to the 
entire satisfaction of the Deputy Conservator, Cochin 
Port Trust. 

5. Maintenance of Jetties/Piers and Slipways etc.: 

The jetty, boat shed and slipways, as the case may 
be shall be maintained by the licensee in good and 
substantial repairs to the satisfaction of Deputy 
Conservator, Cochin Port Trust and it shall not be 
extended or altered in any way without the previous 
sanction of the Chairman, Cochin Port Trust. The licensee 
shall be responsible for the safety of all its users. 

6. Removal of Jetties, Slipways etc.: 

When so required by the Deputy Conservator, 
Cochin Port Trust, the licensee shall remove the jetty, 
slipway and piers as the case may be at his own cost 
and without any compensation whatsoever, within three 
months after receiving notice in writing and shall not erect 
any other structure on any part of such foreshore 
without previous sanction from the competent authority. 

7. Cancellation of licence of taking control of jetties, 
slipways etc. by the Port: 

In the event of delay or default in such erection and 
completion or any breach of any of the above terms, the 
Cochin Port Trust may cancel the licence and assume 
control of or otherwise dispose of all or any part of the 
jetty, slipways or piers as the case may be and/or remove 
and dispose of any other structures or other 
improvements affected on the said site that may have 
been constructed as well as the site thereof, at the 
expense of the person concerned and the licensee shall 
have no right in the land in consequence of erection 
made thereon. It shall be open to the Dy. Conservator to 
appropriate or set off the cost of removal or other damage 
the Port may sustain due to the licence’s default out of 
the sale proceeds of the things removed or disposed of in 



[Part III 

the manner herein before provided. The licence granted, 
unless otherwise cancelled, shall remain in force for a 
period of one year. 

8. Avoidance of obstruction to Navigation: 

The licensee shall not encroach into the water front 
beyond the perpendicular length of 20 meters in the 
Mattancherry Channel and 5 meters in all other areas, in 
any case he shall not at any time cause any obstruction 
to the normal flow of the water traffic and Navigation. 

9. Security of the Jetty: 

The licensee shall be responsible for the security of 
the jetty. He shall maintain a log book which will show 
the registry number of boats, the name and identity of all 
the crew of various boats tie up at the jetty. This book 
shall be produced for inspection upon demand by Port 
and Government Authority. He shall keep a tab on all 
users of the jetty and shall be liable to report any 
strangers, including foreigners, to the nearest Police 

10. Environmental Protection: 

The licensee shall be responsible for the 
environmental protection and ensure that there will not be 
any discharge of oily wastes from any boats tied up 
alongside the jetty/pier/slipway. 

11. Fish landing: 

Pish landing will not be permitted at the jetties, 
authorised fish landing centres shall only be used by the 
jetties users. 

12. Failure to observe conditions: 

The licensee shall abide by all conditions stipulated 
above and failure to observe any of the conditions may 
entail cancellation of the licence. 

Phone; 0484-2666412. 

Dr. C. Unnikrishnan Nair,